Removing Politicians

Third Party Campaigns

In a world where some small minded politician can cost businesses millions it is often more effective to remove the politician at election time than it is to fight with them. NGOs can often cause major issues for legal businesses wanting to expand, but are vulnerable to pressure being put back on them. Simon has run many campaigns to resolve issues for businesses when politicians or NGOs have unreasonably cost them vast amounts of money.Simon with Mabo, Bruce & Dave

Local Government Third Party Campaigns

Simon has a track record of running successful third party campaigns, especially for local government elections. It is almost always far cheaper and easier to remove councillors who are getting in the way of your project than it is to go through consenting processes that councillors are using to block your project.

Spending restrictions do not apply to third party campaigns as long as the third party campaign is not suggesting voting for a particular candidate. This puts candidates at a disadvantage because third parties can campaign for change largely without restriction. This little known law has not been used often, with the best example being a group of people in Hawkes Bay who campaigned for change on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. All four of their preferred candidates were elected.

Issues Campaigns

Simon has been involved in a number of issues campaigns to promote the interests of clients, or to block their opponents. Well funded NGOs and annoying activists can cause havoc to perfectly legal businesses, and are vulnerable to public scrutiny due to not having their own houses in order.

Removing MPs

Simon has successfully removed MPs who have caused problems for clients. He works behind the scenes to ensure challengers are well prepared and well funded, and that the MP is under constant pressure during the campaign.

More on Third Party Campaigns

Simon has written more extensively on third party campaigns in his book “Winning Local Government Campaigns”. This includes the legal basis for third party campaigns in Local Government, and an explanation of what is possible and what is not possible.