Politics in New Zealand no longer has any powerful, competent organisations. Political Parties are very weak. Lobby Groups are almost non existent or inept. The one group in society that has a very good network throughout their community is Iwi organisations.

Iwi organisations have large databases of members, as well as very good informal networks. Turning out Iwi members to vote is cheap and easy and ensures that candidates Iwi want elected get elected.simon7

It is far cheaper for Iwi to get people elected than it is to constantly have to fight councils. Asset rich iwi are in a difficult position of having to deal with expensive, wealth eroding councils who play lip service to iwi concerns. Having people on council can help reduce the cost of dealing with councils.

Candidate Identification

Simon works with Iwi to identify potential candidates, looking for friendly, outgoing people who are well connect with their community.

Candidate Training & Support

Selected candidates are trained in campaign basics and supported through their campaign. This includes all aspects of being a good candidate including fundraising, building a profile, campaign strategy and campaign management

Get Out the Vote

Iwi’s big advantage in campaigning is their huge network of people. Arranging a Get out the Vote campaign is straightforward and effective because of this huge network. Winning council seats for iwi members or favoured candidates is relatively easy due to Iwi organisation’s ability to run exceptionally good Get out the Vote campaigns.