Simon Lusk is one of the very few professional campaigners in New Zealand. He runs campaigns for local government, central government, party selections and specialises in third party campaigns.

Simon and two hunting puppies.

Since 2000 Simon has been involved in a large number of campaigns around New Zealand. He has worked to get bad councillors and bad MPs thrown out at election time. It is almost always far cheaper to pay to remove difficult politicians who are blocking projects than it is to fight them through the courts.

Simon takes a pragmatic approach to campaigning and candidates, working across the political spectrum to advance careers of politicians he believes in. He has a sense of who is able to win and who is unlikely to win based on past experience.

A keen student of professional campaign management, Simon spends many hours every week following politics from around the world. He believes that the amateur nature of politics in New Zealand means that spending money and professionalism can win campaigns. Simon has discretely proved this winning a large number of campaigns from the beginning of the century onwards.